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How can I work with you?

Below is the process we follow for each new client

How to find out what we do

  • Visit our website
  • Watch out for posts on our Facebook page, and Like us to get updates.
  • Visit Nepali job portals regularly.
  • If you have friends/family working in HLE, poke them to learn about the job openings.


  • Always follow the instructions on each job opening as they may be updated on a regular interval.
  • We are very particular about spelling and grammar errors on your resume and cover letter. So, proofread it before you send.
  • Almost 80% of the application gets rejected due to minor errors at this stage. Be careful.

Phone interview

  • Here we get to know how you speak and how interested you are regarding the job.
  • We discuss about the role and any concerns that you may have.
  • Successful candidates proceed to our Information session and Skills test.

Information session and skills test

  • The Information session is an eye opener for many of you to learn about our company and culture.
  • It is more focussed toward making you aware about the niche that we are trying to enter as an Employer.
  • The skills test helps us to understand your ability in Maths and English.
  • It is a fun and informative session where you get to see and interact with many of our young achievers.

Face to face interview

  • This is a session where we talk about the role and your background.
  • We discuss about your future and answer any question that you may have.
  • Successful candidates will be invited to spend a day at our office which we normally say as ‘Trial’. Don’t worry, we will also be remunerating you for this.


  • The Trial is an overview of the tasks that you will have to perform in the role.
  • We will observe your efficiency, attention to details, writing skills, organisational skills, result orientation and ability to follow instructions on the basis of trial tasks.
  • Trial gives you an ability to understand our work environment and check if we are a culture fit.
  • Depending on the role, the trial may be of 1 or 2 days.

Final selection

  • The final selection is done on the basis of merit and the scores you receive on each trial phases.
  • One of the crucial factor we look for is culture fit and your attitude.
  • If your attitude is not what we require in HLE, your score, experience and education will not be sufficient for you to get a job here.
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