About Us

Tekkon Technologies Pvt Ltd was founded in 2018 to provide an Extended Development Team for startups, scale-ups and SME’s.

Based in Fremantle WA and Kathmandu Nepal, we help extend and enhance local development teams with our remote staff augmentation model.


Amulya Lohani

Chief Executive Officer

“Ideas are easy. Execution is everything”.

Simple yet forceful words by John Doerr keeps me energized everyday. I try to keep every side of business management well in track for smooth operations to ensure success and achieve goals.

I’m deeply passionate about building team of loved and trusted people that helps individuals navigate their careers and help our organization attract-and-keep best people. 

My experience as a developer, and executive, helps me collaborate with my development team for on-time, disciplined software development advancing our client’s tech initiatives.


Sid Bhatta

Co-founder & CTO

Technology is constantly changing, new languages, libraries, platforms and trends need to be researched and understood.

My job is to know our clients technologies, what they want to achieve and how we can provide the right skilled developers. Developers aren’t created equal, and have all learnt a mix of skills that need to complement your team.

I can also assist with solution architecture decisions, technology roadmaps and development team leadership.

Gaurav Ghale

Delivery Lead

For the success story of any startup or a corporate the key reason will always be the management and how the process is carried out on the day to day basis.

As in charge of the delivery ,step one for me will always be to sit down with my clients, assure them their problems are well understood and will be taken care of.

Secondly I’m always on the hunt for experts in the market, and for all the smart people we have in-house, I assist them in need, hear them out, guide them to growth.

We provide the best human resources as part of client’s team so my priority always be to avoid any gaps on communication, technicality and making sure despite the distance we can work as one for years and years to come.

Tekkon Faces

Rupa Aryal

Admin & HR

Navaraj Upadhayaya

Accounts Manager

Madhusudan Adhikari

Test Automation Lead

Rubi Singh

Full Stack Developer

Sakul Budhathoki

Full Stack Developer

Anish Subedi

Frontend Developer

Punkuz Shah

Full Stack Developer

Arjun Ghimire

Full Stack Developer

Prabesh Bhattarai

Full Stack developer

Prechya Bhatta

Sales Assistant

Anil Yogi

Frontend Developer

Sonal Shrestha

Test Engineer

Neelam Gauchan

Full Stack developer

Anita Lama

Full Stack Developer

Hemant Lama

WordPress Developer

Santosh Mahat


Ujjwal Dahal

Frontend developer

Sanat Mool

Full Stack Developer

Bishal Adhikari

WordPress Developer

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