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First Year in Review

Our first year happened to be a fabulous year for Tekkon – full of achieving new heights, delivering results and welcoming new people on board. As we head towards the another year, now is a great time to look back over and review results. Here are few highlights we are most proud of:

Starting the journey with Credi


Tekkon’s journey began with Credi – an award winning idea in Western Australia that has been featured in Australia’s biggest news channels,  tech blogs and news portals. The Application has already over 4000 subscribers, and we’re not only proud of this success but also fully enjoying working with team across the globe in trending techs and latest development practices. We are excited to be a part of the great milestone Credi has set for the upcoming year.

While moving towards our second year of operation, we have been successful to onboard new clients and projects. Besides Credi, our team is currently creating cool apps for our new valued clients: FastVue, Cribber and SpacetoCo. This has certainly set a strong base for Tekkons’ growth and our team is fully committed to see our clients achieving success.

Welcoming our clients to Kathmandu

We are privileged to work with people all over the world. Our clients’ geography spans continents and timezones. No surprise,  we try to be flexible and adjust to them for daily calls, however nothing can compare to physical meetings. This is why we always welcome our customers in Kathmandu to plan the most important milestones and rejoice beauty of Nature in the landlocked himalayan country full of hills, mountains, rivers and greenery.

In 2018, we welcomed the Credi team twice in Kathmandu.

Credi team visit in July, 2018

Team dinner event with Credi’s CTO and Tekkon’s Advisor Patrick Green and Credi’s DevOps Engineer Paul Trappit.

Credi team visit in December, 2018

Team photoshoot with Patrick in office during December visit

Those visits proved to be the best way to achieve a trustworthy and long-term collaboration.

Learning more and spreading knowledge

Tekkon took part in different seminars, meetups and hosted a few events in its first year of operation. We have been successful to reach out to a large number of community both within Nepal and abroad.

Here are glimpses of our major events and participations:

We were one of the sponsors of 2018 Thinklab’s Christmas Party event. ThinkLab is a Perth based Co-working space, dedicated to helping tech entrepreneurs get their business start-ups established.

Credi’s CEO and Tekkon’s Advisor giving speech at Thinklab’s Christmas Party.

Bill Tai – (Silicon valley venture Capitalist), Marcus Holmes (CEO – Phnom Phen Post), Mary Webberly (Project Manager – The Marshal Center – UWA) and Tekkon in the background.

Tekkon as a sponsor to provide service to scale ups based in Western Australia.

We participated in the AccountTech expo in November 2018 at Melbourne and showcased our profile among FinTech community in Melbourne.

Tekkon at AccountTech Expo in Melbourne in November.

Team Expansion

The only evidence of life is growth, that’s why we could not be happier to see our team growing. We are entering our second year as a team of 14 bright individuals and are always willing to see more people joining. To make sure everyone has a place, we have planned to move ourselves in bigger space setting up a cool work environment in Kathmandu.

The journey has been really fun so far with multiple moments to cherish and timely team building events, parties and celebrations. You can also subscribe to our Instagram to see scenes from our daily life, events, and atmosphere.

Tekkon’s first year was definitely a great year for us and we are thrilled to see what next has to offer!

We hope you stay with us for the next year 🙂

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